About the Adhyayana Kendra

Shankara Adhyayana Kendra is the brainchild of Sri K Nataraj, retired officer from the Ministry of Defence and an English Professor, resident of Sanjaynagar, Bangalore. It was formed in May 2003 as a Center to spread the awareness about Indian Philosophy and promote Carnatic Classical Music.

Programs Conducted

  • Lecture on 'kaLidAsa' - Prof Ranganath
  • Lecture Series on Taittareeya Upanishads - Prof Shivaram Agnihotri
  • Lecture Series on DVG's "Mankutimmana Kagga" by Sri H R Chandrashekar
  • SAK Annual Music Festival - Smt Venkatalakshmma & Sri K P Bhatta Memorial Program
  • Kavyavachana & Discourse on "Kumaravyasa Mahabharatha" by Dr A V Prasanna and Smt Nirmala Prasanna
  • Kavyavachana & Discourse on "Jaimini Bharatha" by Smt Malati Madhavachar and Smt Kamalamma
  • Series on "Bhagavatha" by Sri Anantharama Iyer
  • Quaterly Music Concerts

Thursday, May 15, 2008

5th Anniversary Celebrations - June 2008

Shankara Adhyayana Kendra completes 5 years since inception back in May 2003.
Adhyayana Kendra has been active in conducting various programs spreading the fragrance of the rich Indian Cultural.

Kendra will celebrate its 5th Anniversary on 7th June 2008.

Look for this space for the program charter and do join us for the 5th anniversay celebrations on June 7th 2008.

Music Concert - May 2008

Vidwan Sri S Lakshmanashastry Memorial Music Concert by

Vid Kum Shwetha Keshav - Vocal
Vid Sri Venkatesh Josier - Violin
Vid Sri B S Anand - Mrudangam

Date: 24th May 2008, Saturday
Time: 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

You are cordially invited!